Agricultural Tracks and Parts

For almost 20 years, CIS Quality Parts has been distributing premium rubber tracks for large agricultural and applications.   We distribute Trackman by Loc Performance – the world’s best rubber track. 

Loc Performance produces more than 150 active track specifications and nearly unlimited combinations of track width, length, guide/drive lugs and tread lugs. 

Benefits and Features

  • No “flats”
  • Improved ride
  • Higher Operating speeds
  • Higher transport speeds
  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced ground pressure
  • Increased floation
  • Better loose-soil traction

Trackman delivers more durability and better power transfer.  It handles higher horsepower and torque.  Trackman gives you better flotation, less soil compaction, increased traction, and a smoother ride.

Greater Productivity

Trackman reduces ground pressure up to 65% compared to tires.  That means less compaction, superior floation, improved traction and more efficiency:

The world’s strongest drive lugs

ARMORLUG® ULTRA is the first patented drive lug with three fabric layers embedded in the lugs.  It easily handles today’s biggest, most powerful tractors.  It lasts 30% longer than any other positive-drive track.

Constructed for 7 times longer life

Wire-ply construction with 50% more wires per inch than our competition.  That is 12 wires per inch compared to only eight.  Patented galvanized steel cables prevent corrosion and premature weakness.

Intelligent track monitoring system

Heat buildup caused by friction and speed on road surfaces can lead to track deterioration.  The sensor embedded in our track allows you to monitor heat buildup in real time from your cab.  Only Trackman brings you this kind of investment-saving technology.