Construction Tracks and Parts

Rubber Tracks

TraxPower Rubber Tracks Features
  • Imbedded metal core that is forged and heat treated. This process strengthens metal and dramatically improves the tracks operation and durability.
  • Natural and synthetic rubber blend technology creates a track with superior flexibility and excellent anti-vibration qualities.
  • Steel cables run individually and continuously through the track, reducing friction between cables and increasing durability. CTL tracks feature double lines of multiple steel cables.
  • Lug patterns are specifically designed for maximum performance, durability and traction. Mini-X features the C-lug pattern and the CTL features the Split C-lug pattern. These patterns are bi-directional and are interchangeable side-to-side.

TraxPower CTL tracks (Compact Track Loader) are backed by a 12 month or 1000 hour prorated warranty. TraxPower Mini-X tracks are backed by a 18 month or 1500 hour prorated warranty.

TraxPower Rubber Tracks Jointless type track

Continuous wound steel cables extruded through rubber makes the track stronger and enhances service life.

Joint Type Track

Over-lapping area is weak point where track could break or split.

When replacing your rubber tracks, it is a good idea to inspect your undercarriage parts such as the sprockets, idlers and rollers. As part of our rubber track line, we also stock quality undercarriage parts for popular machines such as Bobcat®, Case®, New Holland®, Takeuchi® and Mustang®. Our undercarriage parts are backed by a one year 1000 hour warranty.