Think At2las!

AT2LAS is a proprietary composite resin developed by Advanced American Technologies. It has been uniquely engineering to outperform steel, aluminum, and plastic. AT2LAS is 78% lighter than steel and 35% lighter than aluminum. It is non-corroding, non-porous, non-conductive. It is fire, vibration and fracture resistant. It is thermal insulating and impermeable. It is customizable, durable, flexible, pumpable and castable. It is ideal for use in mining applications for spray coatings, storage tanks, piping and much more.

Material Properties
Percentage Lighter Than:
Thermal Conductivity @ 23.7o C:
DensityThermal Resistance @ 23.7o C:Pounds Per Ft3
Heat Distortion Begins:
Dynamic Compressive Yield:
High Temperature Performance:
Quasi Static Compressive Yield:
Coefficient Of Thermal Expansion:
Tensile Yield:
Flammability:Tensile Elongation @ Break:
Chemical & Oil Sensitivity:
Young's Modulus:
Corrosion (Hypo-chloric Acid @ 2,000 ppm):
Flexural Strength:
Electrical Conductivity:
Hardness (Shore D):
UV Sensitivity:
Aluminum: 35%

Steel: 78%

Lead: 85%
Ceramic: 0.40 (W/m-K)

Aluminum: 1.275 (W/m-K)
1.75 g/cm3Ceramic: 0.0077 (m2-K/W)

Aluminum: 0.0024 (m2-K/W)
482o Fehrenheit
26,106 psi
3100o Fehrenheit
13,488 psi
24.1x10-6 in/in┬░Fehrenheit
8,412 psi
Fire Resistant
2.2%None Noted
1,305,339 psiNon-Corroding
12,700 psiNone (23 MegOhms)
None Noted
+/- 0.005 Tolerance